MobiSlyder does Hardcore Filming

MobiSlyder Cam

It looks like it should land on Mars and scout for aliens, but it probably wouldn’t last very long in that environment.

This seems like a simple solution but it might not be.

mobislyder is a compact ultraportable camera slider that will allow you to create captivating cinematic videos using your portable video device.”
“For years sophisticated-looking camera moves were only available to the pros that had big video budgets. But now, with most camera devices capable of shooting HD video, mobislyder allows you to take smooth tracking shots fit for the silver screen – all with the sweep of a finger.”
The mobislyder is compatible with all hand-held camera devices, including the Apple iPhone, Android smart phones, compact cameras, small DSLR cameras and small camcorders. It gives you the opportunity to create stable, fluid-moving videos without the hefty price tag.”
The mobislyder, developed by the world’s No. 1 camera slider company, Glidetrack, is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, concerts, holidays and sports events. It’s also great for eBay sellers, Amazon product videos, bloggers and social journalism – in fact anyone wanting to shoot high quality video without breaking the bank. Turn your camera into a pro-style rig and put your video in motion!

Overall this looks like it has a nice functionality but until we get our hands on one. As the old Tootsie Roll Pop mantra goes

“… the world may never know.”

Mobislyder from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

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